Longshore (USL&H)

Specializing in the Needs of the Marine Industry

3CU specializes in the needs of the marine industry with coverage for U.S. Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (USL&H). 3CU’s highly experienced team will work with you to design a workers’ compensation program and service strategy to ensure your exposures are managed and controlled.

Your assigned 3CU team of professionals reviews your entire account thoroughly to design a program that delivers the best outcomes and ensures your exposures are managed and controlled.

Examples of USL&H operations that we write, subject to our $150,000 minimum, include:

  • Shipbuilding and ship repair
  • Stevedoring and marine terminals
    Marine construction — dams, cofferdams, bridges, bulkheads, etc.

We look forward to helping you determine whether your business can benefit from the 3CU approach. Please note that the minimum premium for eligible operations is $150,000.

Learn more by downloading the Longshore Workers’ Comp Segment Guide below.

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