We Strive to Deliver Optimal Outcomes

3CU’s Claims team is passionate in its efforts to achieve equitable and judicious claim resolution. With our ‘shop-owner’s mentality,’ we demand superior outcomes for our customers. We empower our claims professionals to make critical decisions in order to achieve results.

As part of our effort to deliver optimal outcomes, we:

  • Limit adjusters to 125 indemnity claims. This ensures our professionals have the time and resources to execute quality claims management protocols for each customer.
  • Achieve significant claims savings. Average claims costs 20% below the industry average from 2015 to 2019.1
  • Assign a dedicated claims professional to each of our customers. This guarantees that clear and constant communication occurs from the start of our partnership.
  • Offer a texting option for claims correspondence. In addition to our standard communication vehicles, we offer a texting solution on all non-litigated claims, which improves efficiency and service for our customers. Through our partnership with Hi Marley, customers who utilize the texting option will be able to communicate with our claims team in real-time and in more than 10 different languages without the need for a translator.
  • Set the bar for the workers’ compensation industry on claims quality standards. Rather than a “one-size-fits-all” approach to claims management, 3CU applies the right resources at the right time so that we can identify opportunities to mitigate current and future losses. When it matters, our claims experts are in the field conducting interviews and on-site investigations. We value our customers’ concerns, input and feedback at all times, which distinguishes us from our competitors.
  • Develop strategies before losses occur. 3CU believes loss mitigation starts long before a loss happens. We collaborate with our customers to identify opportunities for enhancement and develop customized safety tools and protocols that fit their business.
  • See the ‘big picture.’ Our claims professionals understand the elements of workers’ compensation insurance that drive a safer workplace, promote profitable business and reduce experience modifiers and rates for our customers.
  • Capitalize on the scalability of AF Group to provide industry-leading cost savings. Partnerships with leading PPO and prescription networks, occupational clinics, imaging, durable medical equipment (DME), translation and imaging services help to lower medical spend for claimants. Care Analytics® identifies experienced workers’ compensation medical providers who adhere to best practices for treating claimants, helping us to spend smarter as well.

File a Claim

Are you in Georgia, Tennessee or Virginia? Injured workers must select a provider from a list developed by their employer and insurance carrier. A list of providers can be found on our secure portal. For login instructions, click here.

We do our best to help you ensure accidents don’t happen. However, when they do, we’ll be there to guide you. To gain a better understanding of the claim process and how we support you throughout it, click the link below:



1 Based upon AF Group brands accident year data from 2015-2019 (excluding medical only loss amounts) and 2015-2019 industry data from NCCI, WCIRB (CA), NYIRB and NJCIRB.