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Angle Q4 2018

From Mike Valiante: 2018 Wins and Gratitude

As we close the door on 2018, there’s a lot to say thank you for. We’re on track to achieve our annual strategic initiatives due to an incredible service team and agent partners like you. With your partnership, we continue to expand 3CU’s reach as a specialty workers’ compensation carrier.

2018 Wins
Our calendar year combined ratio is better than plan, we’re experiencing profitability across all market segments and our agency appointment strategy continues to be successful, with nearly 30% of new business premium coming from new relationships. On top of that, we’ve invested in our service model by creating customized partnership reports; staffing each region with local underwriting, claims and loss control reps; and adding bilingual capabilities to the claims team.

People First

Beyond the numbers, what matters most is our people – injured workers, customers, agents, employees and community members. It’s why our 2018 enterprise Caring and Sharing Campaign raised nearly $267,000 (and Scott Babcock dressed up like Prince) to support local organizations, like Chicago Debates and the Northern Illinois Food Bank, and why we launched a new advertising campaign to tell the story of how we work to get injured workers back to life as usual.

It’s why we hear sentiments like these about the 3CU team – because our employees genuinely care about the job they do.

“Our customer is relationship-driven. It’s the key to their success, and your loss control consultant seemed to really make a difference with them in his integrity, trustworthiness and knowledge. Thank you for making the work comp renewal process decision easy.”

“3CU ‘gets’ us. They know our employees are not working desk jobs from 9 to 5. They understand the nature of the work and therefore our claims and exposures. The claims team is engaged and performs their work timely. Their people were very patient in helping us close the knowledge gaps about work comp in the state.”

“They challenge us to be better. We haven’t implemented all their ideas, but that doesn’t stop them from bringing those ideas to us. They push us, we don’t have to push them.”

Finally, we wouldn’t experience any of this success without your partnership. Strong agent relationships are critical to our long-term success. As marketplace competition grows, we rely on your ability to sell the 3CU value proposition: a commitment to delivering unique workers’ compensation solutions for complex needs.

We’re eager to partner with you in creative ways to write profitable business across all our segments and look forward to mutual success this year and beyond. From all of us at 3CU, we wish you a very happy holiday season and thank you for your continued partnership and support!


Mike Valiante
Vice President of Production and Agency Management

New Video: 'In the Details'

Concierge service? Practically. See how we pay attention to the details often overlooked and deliver a topnotch customer experience. Our kickoff meetings, quarterly account management reviews and dedicated claims adjusters are just a few of the ways we deliver superior service. Watch video

Become a Work Comp Leader—LEAD with Comp

“The LEAD program gave our new producer a deeper understanding of workers’ compensation insurance and the service offerings of the AF Group.” David W. Goodman, President, InPro Insurance Group, Inc.

LEAD with Comp, AF Group’s 12-month training and professional development opportunity, was designed with newer workers’ compensation producers in mind. This unique program will equip participants with the knowledge necessary to be successful in the workers’ compensation market space and the relationships to do so.

The key objectives of LEAD with Comp program are:

  • Assist agency leadership in developing new talent
  • Educate participants in all aspects of workers’ compensation
  • Build relationships between agency staff and AF Group brand staff
  • Increase success rate on new business by educating participants on how to displace the incumbent agent

Classes begin Jan. 15-17, 2019 and Sept. 17-19, 2019 and run for 12 months. For more information on how to build value for your clients and set yourself apart from the competition, click here.

Introducing Our Enhanced Mobile App

3CU has launched its second iteration of our AF Group mobile app, which has enhanced tools and functionality that will serve policyholders as well as agents.

The app provides our agent partners immediate access to dynamic information and tools, such as:

  • Class code lookup
  • Company contact information (Help Desk, Billing and two customizable contacts)
  • Marketing materials
  • Access to events information and training opportunities
  • Social media content

The new version features a policyholder section so they, too, have easy access to important information, such as safety handouts, loss control tips, contact information, etc. There is also the ability to send documents using the ‘share’ feature.

Improved Claims Portal Provides Access to Claims Management—Anytime, Anywhere!

3CU is pleased to announce the completed implementation of new online claim management tools, which provide our customers easy access to claim documents from their computer or mobile device along with real-time claim filing. The new tools enhance policyholders’ ability to manage claims through a variety of features, most notably:

  • 24-hour real-time claim filing and immediate receipt of a claim number upon submitting their First Notice of Loss (FNOL).
  • The ability to save an in-progress FNOL and complete it within 48 hours.
  • The ability to automatically add claim numbers to any uploaded attachments.

Injured workers (non-litigated claims only) now have access to online claims management tools for the first time, where they can:

  • View claim payment information in real time.
  • Update and manage their user profile.
  • Submit reimbursement requests for travel, pharmacy and other items along with the ability to attach supporting documentation (receipts, etc.).
  • Load documents electronically from their care provider’s office.
  • Access prescription benefit cards. (Cards will still be mailed to injured workers.)

To access the portal, a one-time registration is required via our website.

Policyholder Registration:

  • Policyholderswill need to provide their policy number, Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) and policy expiration date.
  • Injured workerswill need to provide their Social Security number, claim number and date of injury.

After the initial registration, users will only need to provide the username and password created during the registration process to log in.

Alongside RMIS, these tools allow us to provide our customers easier access to their claims information.

AF Group Investigative Services Unit—New Brochure

With billions of dollars lost each year to insurance fraud, our team of former law enforcement and safety and claims professionals partner with our claims team to investigate and expose potential fraud. The Investigative Services Unit (ISU) is committed to identifying, mitigating and eliminating fraudulent behavior. They also serve to protect AF Group against economic loss by conducting timely and quality investigations.

AF Group’s ISU has several types of investigators with specific skill sets. This integrated team of experts allows for cross-functional investigations and allows for a unique and comprehensive perspective.

To learn more, click here to access our new brochure, which highlights the services our Investigative Services Unit provides in an effort to protect employees, employers and our customers’ bottom line.

What We Write

Our recent email for Q1 2019 mistakenly included a link to this section. Please CLICK HERE to view the Q1 2019 What We Write section.

At Third Coast Underwriters (3CU), our customers are our top priority. Because we specialize in addressing complex operations and challenging exposures, we know the importance of developing unique workers’ compensation solutions. The list below illustrates the varied mix of accounts we have written recently within our core segments. Let us help you deliver successful outcomes for your customers today. For more information, visit, email or call 866-641-2328.


Grain Manufacturing – All Operations $336,000
Farm: Cattle or Livestock Raising Noc & Drivers $315,400 – $878,700
Farm Machinery Operation – By Contractor & Drivers $261,900
Farm: Poultry or Egg Producer & Drivers $448,800 – $715,700
Farm: Orchard or Grove & Drivers $289,300
Gasoline or Oil Dealer & Drivers $242,300
Grain Elevator Operation – Local Managers & Drivers $225,900
Livestock – Dealer or Commission Merchant & Salesperson $183,600
Machinery Dealer & Drivers $699,500
Store Meat, Fish or Poultry Dealer $336,300 – $975,200


Boiler Installation or Repair – Steam $288,400
Carpentry – Construction of Residential Dwellings $672,300
Concrete Construction – in Connection with Bridges $1,049,800
Concrete or Cement Work $159,300 – $255,100
Construction Elevator of Hold Hoist Installation $276,800
Contractor – Executive Supervisor or Construction $209,000 – $261,800
Electrical Wiring – Within Buildings & Drivers $239,100 – $243,500
Elevator Erection or Repair $324,000
Excavation & Drivers $199,800
Fixtures or Furniture Installation – Portable Noc $435,400
Glazier – Away from Shop & Drivers $180,500
HVAC & Refrigeration $158,200 – $328,400
Iron or Steel Erection $1,500,000
Lawn Maintenance – Commercial or Domestic & Drivers $621,500
Machinery or Equipment Erection or Repair – Noc & Drivers $192,600
Masonry $231,400 – $238,200
Mobile Crane and Hoisting Service Contractors – Noc $159,400 – $173,400
Painting Metal Bridges & Shop Operations, Drivers $344,400
Painting Noc & Shop Operations, Drivers $188,700 – $493,000
Park NOC – All Employees & Drivers $512,000 – $589,300
Plumbing Noc & Drivers $153,100 – $246,100
Roofing – All Kinds & Drivers $250,000
Sheet Metal Work Installation & Drivers $228,400
Sprinkler Installation & Drivers $163,000 – $195,200
Stone, Mosaic, Terrazzo or Ceramic Tile Work $491,700
Street or Road Construction $196,700 – $346,000
Tree Pruning, Spraying, Repairing – All Operations $386,200
Wallboard, Sheetrock, Drywall, Plasterboard $620,400
Welding or Cutting Noc & Drivers $226,200


Automobile Service or Repair Center & Drivers $775,200
Carpentry Installation of Cabinet Work or Interior $167,000
Iron or Steel Scrap Dealer & Drivers $166,800
Janitorial Services by Contractors – No Window Cleaning $459,900
Locomotive Works $314,300
Millwright Work Noc & Drivers $332,800
Street Cleaning & Drivers $317,800


Crane Rental – Operations & Drivers $162,900
Gas Dealer – Liquified Petroleum Gas & Drivers $245,000
Oil or Gas Lease Work Noc – Contractors & Drivers $389,500
Oil or Gas Well – Equipment Rental Without Operator $377,000
Painting or Paperhanging NOC & Shop Operations, Drivers $235,100
Trucking – Employees & Drivers $266,600


Excavation & Drivers $430,900
Rubber Goods Manufacturing Noc $819,200
Store Wholesale – Noc $2,771,800



Automobile Haulaway or Driveway – Long Distance $150,200 – $261,300
Beer or Ale Dealer $222,300 – $237,700
Building Material Dealer – New Materials Only $684,400
Bus Co – All Other Employees & Drivers $565,300
Lumberyard – New Materials Only $286,800
Machinery Dealer Noc – Store or Yard & Drivers $216,900
Mail Hauling $1,249,600
Railroad Construction Laying or Relaying of Tracks $206,000
Trucking $159,100 – $1,331,800
Trucking – Hauling Explosives or Ammunition $717,100
Trucking – Long Distance Hauling $361,000
Warehousing Noc $485,400
Legislative Update

Our recent email for Q1 2019 mistakenly included a link to this section. Please CLICK HERE to view the Q1 2019 Legislative Update.


The Republican majority in the legislature is busy sending as many bills as they can to Republican Governor Rick Snyder before newly elected democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer takes office Jan. 1, 2019. Of importance to the industry is proposed Data Security legislation, HB6491. This bill establishes new carrier data security standards in an effort to protect consumers’ personal information and define reporting expectations to the Department of Insurance and Financial Services in the event of a data breach. A portion of the bill will require all carriers to execute a data security risk assessment of their contracted third-party service providers, which includes all agency partners. The most significant portions of the bill don’t take effect until 2021, so AF Group will work to formalize our third-party service provider risk process and communication strategy. AF Group anticipates the bill will become law.


Newly enacted Senate Bill 1737 requires carriers to send employer and agency premium increase notifications on all Illinois policies issued or renewed on or after Jan. 1, 2020 that have premium in excess of 5% of the rate recommendation filed with the Department. The industry has been working with Illinois Insurance Director Jennifer Hammer on the industry compliance challenges initiated by SB1737. As a result, the Department of Insurance issued a bulletin to provide guidance and attempt to reduce confusion.

South Carolina

Governor Henry McMaster announced this week that Ray Farmer will continue to serve as Director of the South Carolina Department of Insurance. McMaster stated “Because of his expertise and his unimpeachable reputation within the insurance industry, Director Farmer has been recognized by his peers across the country as one of the best in the business. Team South Carolina is stronger because of Director Farmer, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue to work with him.”  Click here for the full release.