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Angle Q3 2018

3CU Gets Injured Workers 'Back to Life'

We genuinely care about making sure injured workers recover, and we couldn’t do it without the partnership of our agents and customers. We hope you’ll watch and share our latest video, part of a new advertising campaign highlighting how we get injured workers back to work – and back to life.
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Three Ways We Proactively Manage Difficult Claims

Difficulties like medical treatment complications, litigation and fraud have the potential to derail successful claims management – that’s why our team is committed to expert, proactive management of difficult claims. Here are a few of many ways we stay in front of the snags. Watch video.

Quickly Access Loss Runs in RMIS

Find instructions for quickly pulling policyholder loss runs via RMIS – our one-stop risk management information system. Learn how to pull reports at regularly scheduled times and email them to yourself or others.
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Best's Review – The Data Antidote

Best’s Review recently published an article about the opioid crisis featuring insights from AF Group’s own Medical Director, Dr. Dan Hunt, who discusses the industry’s response and our company’s successful efforts to reduce opioid use.
Read it here.

What We Write

At Third Coast Underwriters (3CU), our customers are our top priority. Because we specialize in addressing complex operations and challenging exposures, we know the importance of developing unique workers’ compensation solutions. The list below illustrates the varied mix of accounts we have written recently within our core segments. Let us help you deliver successful outcomes for your customers today. For more information, visit, email or call 866-641-2328.


Contractors Machinery Dealer & Drivers $413,000
Farm: Cattle or Livestock Raising Noc & Drivers $316,700
Farm Machinery Operation – By Contractor & Drivers $261,900
Farm: Poultry or Egg Producer & Drivers $353,500 – $715,700
Florists – Cultivating or Gardening $161,700
Grain Elevator Operation – Local Managers & Drivers $225,900
Landscape Gardening & Drivers $170,700 – $717,000
Livestock – Dealer or Commission Merchant & Salesperson $183,600
Store Meat, Fish or Poultry Dealer $157,700
Store – Hardware $360,300


Airport Construction Paving & Drivers $225,500 – $252,900
Boiler Installation or Repair – Steam $288,400
Boiler or Steam Pipe Insulating & Drivers $246,000
Cable Installation & Drivers $185,700
Carpentry – Construction of Residential Dwellings $672,300
Carpentry Noc $150,200
Cleaning or Renovating Building Exteriors $1,470,600
Cofferdam Work – Not Pneumatic – All Operations to Com $280,300
Concrete Construction $343,300
Concrete or Cement Work $161,500 – $374,300
Concrete Products & Drivers $993,700
Conduit Construction – For Cables or Wires & Drivers $574,800
Contractor – Executive Supervisor or Construction $208,900 – $267,800
Contractors Machinery Dealer & Drivers $252,200
Electrical Wiring – Within Buildings & Drivers $214,500 – $386,600
Elevator Erection or Repair $324,000
Excavation & Drivers $199,800
Fixtures or Furniture Installation – Portable Noc $435,400 – $463,400
Gas Main or Connection Construction & Drivers $241,100
Glazier – Away from Shop & Drivers $154,600 – $205,600
HVAC & Refrigeration $150,000 – $328,400
Household & Commercial Appliances – Electrical $276,600
Masonry $233,000 – $296,500
Mobile Crane and Hoisting Service Contractors – NOC $159,400 – $173,400
Painting Metal Bridges & Shop Operations, Drivers $344,400
Painting Noc & Shop Operations, Drivers $162,100 – $493,000
Park NOC – All Employees & Drivers $589,300
Plumbing Noc & Drivers $158,200 – $501,300
Railroad Construction $264,500 – $759,100
Sign Installation, Maintenance, Repair or Removal & Drivers $202,400 – $274,500
Sprinkler Installation & Drivers $163,000
Stone, Mosaic, Terrazzo or Ceramic Tile Work $491,700
Street or Road Construction $159,600 – $346,000
Tree Pruning, Spraying, Repairing – All Operations $386,200
Wallboard, Sheetrock, Drywall, Plasterboard $163,700 – $620,400
Water Main or Connection Construction & Drivers $153,700


Automobile Service or Repair Center & Drivers $224,700 – $820,900
Rubber Tire Dealers $1,478,600
Scrap Dealer & Drivers $724,100
Street Cleaning & Drivers $317,700


Crane Rental – Operations & Drivers $162,900
Gas Dealer – Liquified Petroleum Gas & Drivers $246,600
Oil or Gas Lease Work Noc – Contractors & Drivers $389,500
Oil or Gas Refining Units – Erection or Repair & Drivers $237,100
Trucking – Employees & Drivers $244,800 – $306,400


Excavation & Drivers $430,900
Rubber Goods Manufacturing Noc $819,200



Ashes, Garbage or Refuse Collection & Drivers $283,200
Automobile Haulaway or Driveway – Long Distance $150,200
Beer or Ale Dealer $222,300 – $1,580,700
Building Material Dealer – New Materials Only $550,800
Coffee Service Companies – All Operations & Salespersons $904,700
Contractors Machinery Dealer & Drivers $166,800
Garbage Ashes or Refuse Collections & Drivers $257,300
Gasoline Station – Noc – Retail & Drivers $289,700
Lumberyard – New Materials Only $286,800
Machinery Dealer Noc – Store or Yard & Drivers $216,900
Railroad Construction Laying or Relaying of Tracks $206,000
Storage Warehouse – Furniture & Drivers $370,200
Store – Wholesale Noc $199,700
Trucking $159,100 – $1,189,000
Trucking – Long Distance Hauling $501,600
Warehousing Noc $485,400
Legislative Update

Legislative Update
Find the latest legislative movements affecting the workers’ compensation industry, including updates in Illinois and Texas and related to opioids.

Illinois – Governor Veto’s Portion of Work Comp Bill
Governor Rauner recently vetoed work comp prior rate approval and premium increase notification provisions within Senate Bill 1737.  Of most concern to AF Group is the portion of the bill that states carriers cannot adjust discretionary rating more than 5% up without sending notice 30 days out to policyholders/agents. Although this portion has been removed by the Governor, we feel confident the legislature is likely to override his veto in November, which will make this provision law.  The legislature is next scheduled to meet Nov. 13-15 and 27-29, 2018. Moving forward we anticipate Democratic forces will continue to promote legislative initiatives on price controls and the creation of a state fund. The industry will have to work diligently in order to negotiate the best compromise possible to all negative proposals.

Federal – Bipartisan Opioid Legislation
Recently, the United States Senate passed a comprehensive bill package intended to impact the national opioid crisis. Included in the bill are efforts to increase access to treatment programs for those citizens addicted as well as initiatives aimed to significantly reduce the amount of painkillers entering the United States illegally. Earlier this Summer, the House of Representatives enacted similar legislation. We anticipate the Senate and House will come to some form of compromise on this initiative and send a final bill package to the President for signature by the end of the year.

Texas – Proposed Rule §§114.1 -114.15, 114.16
The Texas Division of Workers’ Compensation has proposed a new rule aimed at employers seeking to transition from a certified self-insured into the voluntary market. Under the current system, employers remain liable for all claims that remain open, even after such an employer has opted out of self-insurance and entered the voluntary market. The proposal intends to allow former self-insured employers to obtain a work comp policy that covers all claim obligations that occurred while the employer was operating as a self-insured. AF Group will continue to monitor this proposal at it progresses through the regulatory process.

Gubernatorial Elections: California – Illinois – Michigan
Gubernatorial elections are taking place this year in the following states, each of which represents significant AF Group direct written premium. The current governors in these states have protected the industry from harmful initiatives throughout their time in office. The election results will impact industry political and regulatory climates. The recent poll numbers outlined below show where things stand:


  • Republican: John H. Cox Democratic: Gavin Newsom
    • Recent Poll: (from Sept. 5-17) has the Democratic Candidate Gavin Newsom in the lead at 52% to Republican Candidates John Cox’s 40%.


  • Republican: Bruce Rauner (incumbent) Democratic: J.B. Pritzker
    • Recent Poll: (from Sept. 5-13) has Pritzker in the lead at 44% to Rauner’s 27%


  • Republican: Bill Schuette Democratic: Gretchen Whitmer
    • Recent Poll: (from Sept. 10-14) has Whitmer in the lead at 50% to Schuette’s 41%