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Angle Q2 2019

Why I Work at 3CU - Torin Durham

Torin Durham, our amazing teammate presiding over the Southeast, recently sat down with us to discuss how he got started at 3CU, what makes this place so special to work and how he spends his free time. We think Torin is absolutely stellar and have no doubt you will too.

‘If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em’

I began my career with Third Coast Underwriters in the spring of 2015. I came from another monoline workers’ compensation carrier after competing with 3CU on a renewal, which was the first time I had heard about the company. I ultimately lost the account, which of course piqued my interest to learn more about the organization. So, I joined the team as a senior business development specialist based out of Atlanta, GA.  I primarily handle business in Georgia, South Carolina and parts of North Carolina.

Family strong

I truly enjoy the people I work with.  This is the first job I have ever had where it feels like family.  We still have a job to do and need to hold each other accountable, but I feel like we always have each other’s backs.

At your service

3CU does a great job of recognizing our areas of expertise and excelling in that space. We focus on  writing outside four-wall business because we’re good at it.  We don’t try to be all things to all people, which allows us to really focus on our customers and give them the level of service they need.

Driven to take down Goliath

I would say my biggest motivation is winning accounts from the large national carriers knowing we can provide a level of service they haven’t seen before.

Coach D

I have been a youth basketball coach at my church for almost 12 years.  I tried to be a high school basketball referee, but discovered that I can only handle one set of parents (my own players) yelling at me instead of the entire gymnasium!

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Return to Work Benefits

Return to Work programs are designed to alleviate the impact that workplace injuries have on employee recovery, staff morale, business operations and overall claim costs. Learning how to make a return-to-work offer and understanding the impact these programs have to your experience modification is essential. Learn more.

AF Group 2018 Annual Report

Building off the success of prior years, 2018 was another remarkable year for 3CU and the AF Group enterprise. To learn how AF Group and each of our brands performed, we encourage you to review our 2018 Annual Report.

AccuPremium Updates

In the Quarter One newsletter, we highlighted our pay-as-you-go solution, AccuPremium. Recently, we received feedback from you, specifically as it pertains to more access and visibility to the system.

Effective immediately, your agency’s agent inbox email address will be copied on all AccuPremium notifications sent to customers. After issuance, AccuPremium customers receive an email notification to register and will receive additional notifications if their account experiences any of the following:

  • Late payroll (never reported/previously uploaded) – sent if payroll is not uploaded by the three-day grace period of their selected reporting date.
  • Insufficient funds (first occurrence) – sent when initial draft for payment is unsuccessful – to inform customer we will be drafting for funds one more time.
  • Insufficient funds (multiple occurrences) – sent to notify insured that the second draft for funds was also unsuccessful. Customer will need to review and correct any mistakes in banking information on file.
  • Bad account – sent when unable to withdraw funds from customer’s ACH draft account – usually when the account is closed or frozen.
  • Missing authorization – sent when an attempted ACH draft is returned “not authorized.”
  • Account/system error – sent when the account number or routing number is incorrect. Customer will need to review and correct any mistakes in banking information on file.
  • Re-attempt to collect – sent to inform customer that we will attempt to draft payment again after prior draft has been returned.
  • Corrections – sent to notify customer that a correction has been made to their account.

Customer Tips — AccuPremium Payroll Reporting

To increase customers’ ease of reporting payroll, this help sheet will be included in the welcome email after policy issuance. The included tips can help customers avoid premium due once the audit is complete. Existing AccuPremium customers will also receive the tip sheet via email. To ensure you have the correct email address on file, please contact the AccuPremium team. In addition, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact your business development consultant.

Causation: Analysis and Investigation

A causation investigation is a process that examines and evaluates an injured employee’s work environment, their specific work practices and then relates those risk factors to the injury reported. The purpose is to validate the facts surrounding an injury to avoid significant losses. Learn more in our Causation Analysis and Investigation booklet.

Keeping Promises: Loss Sensitive Solutions for Your Organization

3CU skillfully evaluates complex risks, working closely with agents and customers, to find the right solutions. We insure customers who understand the impact of workers’ compensation costs and are willing to enter long-term partnerships to obtain superior results. Review our loss sensitive flyer to learn how our focused workers’ compensation underwriters serve as account managers and coordinate communications with the rest of the 3CU service team.

LEAD with Comp

LEAD with Comp, our 12-month training and professional development opportunity, was designed with professionals newer to workers’ compensation in mind. This unique program will equip participants with the knowledge necessary to be successful in the workers’ compensation market space and the relationships to do so. Learn more about our LEAD with Comp program, coming to Lansing this September!

What We Write

At 3CU, our customers are our top priority. Because we specialize in addressing complex operations and challenging exposures, we know the importance of developing unique workers’ compensation solutions. The list below illustrates the varied mix of accounts we have written recently within our core segments. Let us help you deliver successful outcomes for your customers today. For more information, visit, email or call 866-641-2328.


Contractors Machinery Dealer $311,638
Farm Machinery Operation $288,021
Farm: Vegetables & Drivers $386,938
Florists: Cultivating or Gardening $164,579
Grain or Feed Milling $231,660
Hay, Grain, Feed, Or Fertilizer Dealer & Local Man $129,207
Landscape: Gardening & Drivers $207,828 – $688,507
Park NOC-All $206,083
Sawmill $2,235,722
Sugarcane Plantation & Drivers $159,364
Tree Pruning, Spraying, Repairing $234,754
Artificial Insemination of Cattle $691,994
Farm: Cattle or Livestock Raising $750,169
Farm: Dairy & Drivers $277,728
Farm: Poultry or Egg Producer $363,287
Store Meat, Fish or Poultry Dealer $738,003


Airport Construction Paving $232,370 – $276,501
Boiler Installation or Repair – Steam $238,097
Boiler Or Steam Insulating $340,566
Building – Operation Contractos & Drivers $319,884
Carpentry: Installation of Cabinet Work or Interior $227,293
Cleaning Or Renovating Building Exteriors $724,974
Clearing of Right-of-Way Electric $202,270
Cofferdam Work:-Not Pneumatic All Operations $198,740
Concrete Construction NOC $252,097 – $311,498
Concrete Construction – Bridges and Drivers $193,740
Concrete or Cement Work – Floors, Driveways, Yards O $153,083 -$ 472,863
Concrete Products Mfg & Drivers $938,793
Conduit Construction $825,737
Construction -Project Manager, Construction Execution $169,583
Contractors Machinery Dealer & Drivers $226,346
Door And Window Installation $235,594
Electrical Wiring $234,205 – $255,928
Electronic Equipment – Installatio, Service or Repair $394,020
Excavation & Drivers $180,266
Fixtures Or Furniture Installation – Portable $584,373
Gas Main or Connection Construction & Drivers $184,392 – $244,293
Glazier – Away From Shop & Drivers $214,036
Heating, Ventilation, Air Condition and Refrigeration $208,959 – $554,525
Household And Commercial Appliances – Electrical $310,097
Janitorial Services by Contractors $846,847
Machinery Dealer Noc – Store or Yard & Drivers $232,814
Machinery or Equipment Erection or Repair $261,940
Masonry $219,271 – $348,824
Millwright Work $207,246 – $269,507
Ore Dock Operation & Stevedoring $425,821
Painting Noc & Shop Operations, Drivers $154,183
Plumbing NOC & Drivers $152,514 – $215,961
Roofing – All Kinds & Drivers $301,523
Sawmill $628,860
Shale or Clay Digging & Drivers $681,390
Sign Installation, Maintenance, Repair, Removal $155,210 – $444,492
Street or Road Construction Paving or Repaving $160,557 – $331,985
Wallboard Installation $154,568 – $596395
Water Main or Connection Construction & Drivers $165,986


Iron Or Steel Scrap Dealer & Drivers $576,612
Oil Refining – Petroleum & Drivers $230,494
Rubber Tire Dealers – Wholesale or Retail or Combine $1,456,545



Cleaning Tanks or Tank Cars $154,286
Nitrogen Injection into Oil Wells & Drivers $224,597
Oil or Gas Lease Work NOC by Specialist Contractor $553,010
Oil or Gas Refining Units – Erection or Repair & Drivers $177,224
Waste Separation at Jobsite No Excavation & Driver $180,326


Clearing of Right-of-Way Electric, Power $340,817



Ashes, Garbage, or Refuse Collection & Drivers $282,832
Automobile Haulaway or Driveway – All Employees $428,358
Beer or Ale Wholesale & Drivers $535,669
Building Material Dealer $453,696
Coffee Service Companies – All Operations & Salespersons $1,099,615
Freight Handler $261,098
Furniture Moving & Storage, Drivers $198,522
Garbage Ashes or Refuse Collection & Drivers $235,665
Gas Dealer – Liquefied Petroleum Gas $387,196
Gasoline Station – Retail & Drivers $234,448 – $294,086
Store Wholesale $200,799 – $998,990
Trucking – Long Distance Hauling $170,979 – $488,025
Trucking – Mail, Parcel or Package Delivery $444,304
Trucking $413,708
Trucking Noc – All Employees & Drivers $150,746 – $1,696,176
Trucking Parcel or Package Delivery – All Employees $696,530
Warehousing Noc $711,271


Legislative Update

The workers’ compensation legislative environment is currently calm.  Recent rate decreases are at an all-time low, for the first time in more than 20 years.  With a healthy marketplace, employers will be allowed to grow their employee base, improving the economy. But as the market prospers, there are pending legislative and regulatory issues currently and on the horizon receiving our attention.


Governor Whitmer’s Executive Order 2019-13 reorganizes a number of state department functions, as well as renames the existing Talent and Economic Development (TED) department to the Labor and Economic Opportunity (LEO) department while naming Jeff Donofrio new director for LEO.  The order takes effect in 60 days (roughly end of Aug.) unless rejected by the Legislature.  Among the many changes, those significant to the industry are as follows:

  • A three-member Workers Disability Compensation Appeals Commission is being created within LEO, and the existing Compensation Appellate Commission will be abolished.
  • The Workers Compensation Agency is being transferred from the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) to the new entity and will be named the Workers Disability Compensation Agency.
  • It remains unclear if the newly elected Governor intends to appoint a new Work Comp Director, the Executive Order remains mute on the topic.

Moving forward, we plan to engage the new Commissioner appointment process, when and where deemed appropriate. Stay tuned for future updates on the impact of this EO.


The United States Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs held a hearing recently entitled, “The Reauthorization of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program.” Witnesses included Mr. Tarique Nageer, Terrorism Placement Advisory and Leader, Property Practice, Marsh, Dr. Howard Kunreuther, Co-Director, Wharton Risk Management and Decision Processes Center, and Mr. Baird Webel, Specialist in Financial Economics, Congressional Research Service. Congress made several improvements to the program during the 2015 reauthorization, and it ultimately garnered overwhelming bipartisan support in the Senate with a vote of 93-4. The program is set to expire on Dec. 31, 2020.  AF Group will work with industry allies over the next 18 months to execute a lobbying strategy aimed at securing reauthorization prior to the expiration of the Act. 


Attached is the management and labor proposals shared at the most recent Workers’ Compensation Advisory Council (WCAC) meeting.  The WCAC will begin discussions on these as they build this session’s “agreed bill.” Because things are currently so politically heated between the republican led legislature and democratic governor, we don’t anticipate anything of significance to come from the agreed bill process. That said, the political process is unpredictable and we intend to remain very engaged to minimize risk. Any sort of agreed proposal produced by the WCAC won’t be considered by the legislature until the Fall.


Oklahoma workers’ compensation legislation (HB 2367) has been signed by the Governor.  The new law, among other provisions, increases temporary and permanent indemnity benefits for injured workers, provides additional funding for the multiple injury trust fund, requires a study of the medical fee schedule, and specifies use of the sixth edition of the AMA Guides.  Through negotiations with industry trade associations, the Chamber of Commerce and other interested stakeholders, adverse provisions were successfully removed throughout the legislative process.  These included proposed provisions adding loss of earning capacity into permanent impairment determinations, increasing attorney fees, adding hips and shoulders as scheduled injuries, increasing vocational rehabilitation benefits, and expanding the scope and recovery for mental stress claims. The new law took immediate effect.