Agent News

Q2 2016

Key Leadership Changes at AF Group

Lisa Corless, President, AF Group

We are pleased to announce the appointment of two key leaders in our organization. First, Lisa Corless has been named president of AF Group, replacing Liz Haar who now serves as executive vice president and president of Emerging Markets for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan while continuing to serve as CEO of AF Group. Lisa has held a number of key roles since joining AF Group in 2013, including senior vice president, chief administration officer and chief of staff.

Secondly, Bryan Bogardus has been named executive vice president and chief operating officer of AF Group. In addition to his extensive experience in the industry, Bryan has served as president of our CompWest brand, leading it through a successful turnaround in the challenging California workers’ compensation market.


Bryan Bogardus, COO, AF Group

To learn more about these leadership changes, please visit our website. If you have any questions regarding this transition, please reach out to Keith Adkins, vice president of Marketing at AF Group.

3CU Earns High Marks for Satisfaction

To ensure we’re meeting the needs of our customers and agents, 3CU actively seeks feedback in our day-to-day interactions and through customer surveys. We recently conducted our annual agent survey, and are pleased with the results and positive comments we received from our agent partners.

Based on survey results, our partners seem to appreciate our approach to workers’ compensation and the products we support:

  • 92% of agents are satisfied or very satisfied with 3CU.
  • 92% were satisfied or very satisfied with our claims handling services and agree that 3CU’s claims staff effectively delivers high-quality outcomes for customers.
  • 96% agree or strongly agree that 3CU delivers on its promise to be an effective risk management partner.
  • 88% of agents are likely or very likely to recommend 3CU to others for their workers’ compensation needs and 90% are likely to renew their customer’s coverage with 3CU.

Thank you to our agents for providing us such valuable feedback. We will use the results to help further refine our claims, loss control and underwriting strategies and ensure that high-quality outcomes remain the top priority for our customers. We appreciate your partnership, and encourage you to continue providing feedback on how we can improve the way we do business with you!

What 3CU Has Written Recently

At Third Coast Underwriters (3CU), our customers are our top priority. Because we specialize in addressing complex operations and challenging exposures, we know the importance of developing unique workers’ compensation solutions. The list below illustrates the varied mix of accounts we have written recently within our core segments. Let us help you deliver successful outcomes for your customers today. For more information, visit, email or call 866-641-2328.

Account Type Written Premium
Automatic Sprinkler Installation & Drivers $151,100 – $173,400
Boiler Installation or Repair $151,000 – $173,500
Buildings – Operation by Contractors $155,000 – $686,000
Burglar Alarm Installation or Repair $203,500
Carpentry $182,700 – $1,180,800
Concrete or Cement Work $151,500 – $458,600
Concrete Construction $317,100 – $1,624,300
Conduit Construction $237,300 – $423,400
Construction or Agricultural Machinery $406,600
Contractor – Executive Supervisor or Construction Superintendent $190,200 – $347,800
Door Erection $171,000
Electrical Wiring – Within Buildings & Drivers $174,800 – $588,400
Elevator Erection or Repair $171,800
Excavation $166,800 – $269,400
Flooring  $283,600
Gas Main or Connection Construction & Drivers $220,300 – $370,600
HVAC & Refrigeration $241,500 – $404,400
Iron or Steel Erection $195,800 – $303,300
Lumberyard New Materials Only $559,000 – $958,000
Machinery or Equipment Erection or Repair $174,100 – $689,200
Masonry $219,000 – $613,300
Mobile Crane and Hoisting Service Contractors $154,000 – $228,900
Painting or Paperhanging $157,300 – $495,000
Papercoating $333,400
Plumbing $152,800 – $550,300
Railroad Construction $183,100 – $295,000
Roofing $250,000 – $503,500
Shaft Sinking $428,600
Sheet Metal Work $162,500 – $184,600
Street or Road Construction – Paving or Repaving $206,800 – $378,400
Wallboard Installation within Buildings $220,100 – $554,000
Account Type Written Premium
Iron or Steel Fabrication $253,900
Rubber Tire Dealers $1,610,700
Scrap Metal Recycling/Dealers $154,700 – $1,349,700
Account Type Written Premium
Boat Building and Repair $321,000
Electric Light or Power Line Construction $209,400 – $497,500
Oil or Gas Lease Work – Contractors & Drivers $245,500 – $404,800
Oil or Gas Pipeline – Construction & Drivers $263,800 – $730,800
Oil or Gas Pipeline – Operation & Drivers $263,800
Oil or Gas Well: Instrument Logging or Survey Work $315,400
Oil Still Erection or Repair $329,500
Account Type Written Premium
Boilermaking $266,900 – $672,100
Painting: Shop Only $855,000
Restaurant $234,500
Rubber Goods Manufacturing $608,100
Store – Wholesale $239,200 – $673,200
Account Type Written Premium
Ambulance Services and EMS $247,500
Automobile Service or Repair Center $373,300
Automobile Towing Company $202,000 – $910,000
Beer or Ale Dealer – Wholesale & Drivers $219,000 – $1,527,900
Bus Company $302,900
Garbage Collection and Drivers $265,400 – $527,200
Garbage Works $182,400
Machinery Dealer $213,300 – $312,100
Storage Warehouse $178,100 – $287,000
Street Cleaning $268,000 – $466,600
Trucking – All Employees and Drivers $154,600 – $1,580,700
Trucking – Long Distance Hauling $484,500 – $1,122,700
Trucking – Mail Parcel or Package Delivery $592,000 – $638,200
Trucking – Oil Field Equipment $165,800
Vending or Coin-Operated Machines $483,300 – $1,069,000
Finding a Good Match Flier Highlights 3CU’s Strengths, Advantages

finding a good match thumbnailTo make it easier for you to introduce 3CU to customers who are searching for a carrier that will deliver the outcomes they expect, we’ve updated our “Finding a Good Match” flier to showcase the new features available from 3CU. This piece provides a comprehensive overview of the segments we serve and our superior claims handling, customer service and loss control services.

We encourage you to use this flier as an introductory sales tool with customers to help illustrate how our expertise and experience set us apart from the competition, and how we strive to be a true partner in risk management.

Share the benefits of partnering with 3CU with your customers today with this downloadable flier.

AF CompAdvisor – Provider Locator at Your Fingertips!

afCompAdvisor-promotionalIn May, we rolled out our first-ever mobile app – AF CompAdvisor! This exciting accomplishment for AF Group also means easier and quicker access to qualified physicians for our policyholders, should a workplace incident occur.

Utilizing our patented, award-winning Care Analytics® technology, we’ve developed a database of physicians most knowledgeable in occupational medicine and loaded them into our mobile app. This means that with a few simple clicks on a mobile device, our policyholders can provide their employee(s) with a list of qualified occupational medicine providers in the area who can best treat their injury.

AF CompAdvisor is available to all 3CU agents and policyholders at no cost. It’s available via iPhone App Store and Android Google Play by searching AF CompAdvisor. We’d encourage you to download the app so you can demonstrate its ease-of-use to policyholders.

We have also created an informative flier to help you promote our new mobile app to 3CU customers.

We have collected feedback on AF CompAdvisor from our initial rollout, and plan to issue a new release this summer that will address feedback and improve user experience.

Thanks for your support, and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!

3CU Helps Client Achieve Ergonomic Success

Did you know that 3CU holds a monthly meeting where we review a quarter of our accounts on a rotating basis? This means that each account is reviewed by the whole team: Loss Control, Claims and Underwriting four times each year! We like to think this is a differentiator for Third Coast Underwriters (3CU).

During one of our reviews, 3CU’s loss control team noticed that one of our clients was experiencing “normal” claim activity at one of their locations, and above average claims activity at another location. Our loss control team met with the client and conducted site reviews to help to shed the light on some specific safety-related issues that were contributing to the large claim volumes at this location.

After the visit, and with safety recommendations in place from 3CU, the client set out to make several changes, including:

  • Various ergonomic improvements to the production line processes
  • A stretch and flex program for pre-and post-shift
  • Increased training for specific safety and environmental programs
  • A schedule for safety and quality teams to inspect areas for hazardous conditions and a specific agenda item to have their input addressed in the safety committee meetings
  • Greater emphasis on employee inclusion in the safety process:
    • Safety committee
    • Employee involvement in the accident investigation process
    • Safety poster contest
    • Wellness programs
    • Reporting “at work” and “at home” near misses

All of these elements contributed to the creation of a true “safety culture.”

When we made our next site visit, we saw that this commitment to safety coupled with follow-through on 3CU’s recommendations for site safety changes led to an 87% reduction in OSHA recordables over the previous year. Annual injuries that were numbering in the mid-twenties the previous two years, were now down to only three for the entire policy year. Lost time days were in the 50’s the past year, and dropped to zero in the policy year.

“They are a true success story. They followed a number of our suggestions and developed additional solutions and implemented processes to get employees more involved in the safety program. We are happy to have them on our books!” said Dave.

We continue to work with this client to find even more ways to improve their safety, and we thank you for continuing to share our commitment as a true partner in risk management to this client and all their others!

Legislative Update


Legislation was recently introduced in the United States Senate that would tax prescription opioid drugs to provide funding for substance abuse treatment, a move that would create additional costs in workers’ compensation, where opioids are a highly used class of medication. The bill, Budgeting for Opioid Addiction Treatment Act, or LifeBOAT, would tax prescription opioids at a rate of $.01 per milligram of active ingredient.

The bill is expected to generate $1.5 billion to $2 billion a year. The California Workers’ Compensation Institute recently reported that 27.2% of prescriptions dispensed to injured workers in the state were opioids in 2014, down from 31.8% in 2008.

The House Financial Services Committee approved a bill that would give Congress a greater ability to rein in the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve as the agencies negotiate new capital standards for the insurance industry. The bill’s supporters, including a number of insurance industry trade groups concerned about higher capital standards, argue that the proposal will help shield state-based regulations that are the primary means of oversight for insurers. In addition, the bill would give the Financial Stability Oversight Council’s independent insurance expert the ability to play a bigger role in international insurance discussions. The bill faces an uphill battle in the Senate. Still, it could apply political pressure on the Federal Reserve and Treasury as they negotiate with foreign officials.


The Illinois General Assembly ended the regular 2016 session without a budget for Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 or FY 2017 (FY 2016 ends June 30). The House is scheduling at least one day a week in June to return to Springfield. Ongoing — and of significance to AF Group — are the bipartisan negotiating work groups that continue to meet in an effort to address the Governor’s economic development effort to enact workers’ compensation reform. The “working groups” will be meeting whether the General Assembly is meeting in Springfield or not. While no significant progress has yet been made on workers’ compensation, discussions on key issues such as causation, traveling employee, credits for prior body as a whole injuries, AMA guidelines and the medical fee schedule are continuing. The goal is for the group to develop an “agreed bill” that will reduce work comp system friction and costs, and improve care for injured workers. Progress remains slow and the groups are having difficulty finding common ground. AF Group remains engaged through partnerships with the Illinois Insurance Association and the Illinois Chamber.

Sources: American Insurance Association, MIRS, Politico, Wisconsin Insurance Alliance