What Makes 3CU Different?


    Third Coast Underwriters (3CU) brings a skilled evaluation of complex risks with decision-making authority close to the agent and the customer. For the policyholder, 3CU aims to become a true risk management partner.

    3CU specializes in markets that are complex and challenging. We target accounts with a minimum premium of $150,000, who, while well managed are often involved in hazardous operations. We focus on insuring customers who understand the impact of workers' compensation costs and are willing to enter long-term partnerships to obtain superior results.

    • We provide you with a long-term stable market.
    • Each potential customer is individually evaluated by an underwriting & loss control team approach. In addition to evaluating your operations, we identify your risk management needs. You benefit from our team providing you consultative advice from our first visits.
    • Each customer is evaluated financially to determine what the best program is for you. 3CU works with you and your agent to improve your total cost of risk.
    • The ability to build deals using "outside of the box" thinking for program design means you are not locked in to a single approach over time. Whether a simple guaranteed cost approach, or a complex deductible program, we can build a product to match your needs.
    • 3CU underwriters keep abreast of market changes and industry trends. We have relationships with customer trade associations in target specialty groups and continuing training on emerging markets and issues. We are students of the industry and will continue to be. For example, our underwriters are OSHA 1926 10-hour trained.

    Loss Control

    3CU protects your most important asset – your people! We have two main functions: reduce workplace accidents/illnesses and improve your staff's productivity.

    Prospect surveys
    • We look for opportunities to strengthen your program, not just assess it. 3CU analyzes your risks and exposures and evaluates your corresponding controls to provide you with consultative safety advice.
    • We help you fill identified gaps. If in the course of our surveys we uncover a control we believe is not strong enough, we will provide you the assistance needed to improve it. We believe in solutions, not just identification.
    • Specializing in your business and knowing your risks. Our limited market focus provides us the opportunity to hire Loss Control staff with backgrounds and skills who know your safety needs and requirements.
    Customer Consultations
    • Unparalleled customer service. We understand our mutual alignment. Assisting you with claims reduction is a bottom line win for both of us.
    • Recommendations that make sense. We will provide you with the business reason, the best method of correction and the return on your investment after implementation. We don't believe recommendations should be made at every opportunity. We provide them when a mutual benefit is obtained.
    • We do not just fix the immediate problems — we help you with the source of the problem. After a loss, we assist you with identifying the real reasons for the accident including safety culture gaps, supervisor issues, process improvement needs and many other factors designed to reduce long-term accident potential.
    • We work with you until the problem is solved. Your safety issues are our safety issues.


    The claims department is your integrated risk management partner focused on delivering customized services. We are relentless in the pursuit of equitable and judicious claim resolution.

    Our shop owner mentality, integrated multidimensional discipline, and pursuit of innovation command superior outcomes for our customers. Our claim professionals are empowered to make critical decisions in the field to drive results.

    • Our claim professionals are limited to 125 indemnity claims. We designate a tenured claim professional to every account. That means our professionals have the time and knowledge to execute our quality claim management protocols.
    • Clear and constant communication is the cornerstone to our success. The partnership begins with a dedicated claim professional assigned to work with each customer. Our systems are designed to provide on-demand loss and risk management information, automatic confirmations of new claims, reserve and closure advisories. While we promote claim reviews with our customers, we find that they are often unnecessary because our customers have a steady flow of electronic and verbal information.
    • 3CU's standards are of the highest caliber in the industry. We value old-fashioned claims handling. Like the rest of the industry, we measure the "prompt three point contact." When it really matters, our claims professionals are in the field conducting interviews and on-site investigations. We listen to your concerns regarding claims and value our customers' opinions and input. At 3CU, these distinguishing characteristics are the rule, not the exception!
    • Pre-loss preparation strategies. While most claim operations are reactive to losses, at 3CU we recognize loss mitigation starts long before a loss occurs. Our dedicated claim and loss control professionals partner with customers to evaluate your level of preparedness. If opportunities for enhancement are uncovered, we collaborate with customers to develop customized enhancement tools and protocols that fit their business, to capitalize on jurisdictional nuances, and then assist in the development and implementation process.
    • We understand the "big picture." Not only are our claim professionals experts in claims management, but they understand the other dimensions of insurance that drive a safer workplace, promote profitable business, and reduce Experience Modifiers and insurance rates for our customers.
    • We capitalize on the scalability of Accident Fund Holdings, Inc. to provide industry-leading cost savings. 3CU partners with leading PPO and prescription networks, occupational clinics, imaging, DME, translation and imaging services to lower your medical spending.
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