• Prompt Reporting Tools — It is a statistical fact that late reported claims cost significantly more than claims reported immediately. We have the solutions to these typically systemic problems.
    • Foreman / Supervisor Accident Investigation Training — Many programs fail because key performers in the field do not know their responsibilities or understand the significance of their roles in an investigation. We include how to spot fraud, methods to protect your company and, we provide the tools to allow you to implement an effective process.
    • Create Your Company Profile with One of our Occupational Partners — Occupational clinics generally provide better services, allow you to execute your drug and alcohol policies, and do it at a fraction of the cost of an emergency room. Our team will work with you to develop a process that works for you!
    • Return to Work Innovations — Return to work programs are overwhelmingly the key ingredient to lowering your experience modifier. 3CU has engineered methods to identify productive internal transitional work opportunities as well as external options when operational issues demand creative placement.
    • Essential Job Function Assistance — In working with loss control, we will work with you and assist in vendor selection to design a process that will ensure you hire the best qualified staff to perform the tasks your operations require. This has lead to major improvements in injury reduction and cost containment.
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