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    Mergers & Acquisitions Segment Guide

    Brokers specializing in mergers & acquisitions have close, long-term relationships with private equity firms who demand excellence. They involve tight time frames as well as the need for flexible program structures and respect for confidentiality. Your underwriters need a broad background and understanding of these commercial clients and their exposures. Using our individual account model, our underwriting and loss control team assesses client needs allowing us to design programs matching their requirements.

    We will aid you in the due diligence process by focusing on your client's priorities. We will work with you to evaluate available information and deliver your quote promptly. Our minimum premium for all accounts is $150,000.

    Whether your goal is to limit costs or collateral we can design a product to meet your needs.

    Information Requirements — We attempt to gather the same data for M&A risks as we do on standard business, however we will work with you based on available information to the best of our ability.

    • Complete Accord Applications
    • 5 Years of Loss Runs, valued within 90 days of the effective date and including the expiring year.
    • 5 Years Payroll History by class and state.
    • Experience Mod Worksheets for the current and expiring year (where available), or the clients signed consent for us to obtain this information from the bureau.
    • The client's latest financial statements, audited preferred including notes.
    • Risk Management or Loss Control contact. We interview all accounts regarding their operations, safety programs, claims and insurance needs prior to providing a quote. This practice is essential to individually evaluating their operations.
    • Risks with aviation exposure require special handling, including completion of aircraft and pilot's questionnaire.
    • Risks with over 100 employees at a single location will be asked to provide additional employee concentration information.

    We encourage you to discuss your opportunity with your underwriter prior to submitting the account. The variety of M&A business makes it difficult to list all accounts that could benefit from the 3CU approach.

    Excluded Operations

    • Asbestos Removal & All Standard Exclusions
    • PEO's & Temporary Services
    • Risks involved in the manufacturing, transportation, handling or storage of explosives, fireworks, or nuclear materials are ineligible

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