Third Coast Underwriters

    Non-Trucking Transportation Segment Guide

    Many carriers specialize in the trucking market. Third Coast Underwriters concentrates on other aspects of the transportation industry that can benefit from a specialty approach. Using our individual account model, our underwriting and loss control team assesses client needs allowing us to design programs matching their requirements.

    Eligible operations subject to our $150,000 Minimum include:

    • Armored Car Service & Drivers
    • Asphalt Works & Drivers
    • Beverage Distributors (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) & Drivers
    • Bus Companies & Shuttle Operations
    • Dairy Operations & Drivers
    • Gasoline & Fuel Distribution
    • Mix in Transit
    • Quarry Operations & Drivers
    • Rental — Heavy Equipment & Drivers
    • Route Sales & Drivers
    • Tow Truck Operations
    • Transit Yards — Truck or Rail
    • Waste Hauling — Automated Garbage Collection & Commercial Waste

    Excluded Operations

    • Auto or Truck Haul Away, Drive Away or Repossession
    • School Buses
    • Taxi
    • Local, Intermediate, & Long Haul Trucking Operations (Trucking for Hire)
    • The manufacturing, transportation, handling or storage of explosives, fireworks, nuclear materials and other high hazard substances.

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