At 3CU, we focus on customers with complex operations and challenging exposures that require unique workers’ compensation solutions. You can find a list of our targeted business segments for workers’ compensation below. Please note that the minimum premium for eligible operations is $150,000.


We write commercial agribusiness operations from the farm through the first processor, including supporting input and output providers.



3CU’s construction clients represent most trades within the industry. See what 3CU can do for you.

Emerging Markets

3CU is experienced in workers’ compensation for new and emerging markets; learn what 3CU can do for your waste reduction, recycling, scrap or alternative energy business.

Energy (Gas & Oil)

With an average of 19 years expertise in servicing the needs of the oil and gas industry, our underwriting, loss control and claims teams work together to produce positive outcomes for your operations.

Specialty Transportation

Many companies specialize in the trucking market. 3CU concentrates on other aspects of the transportation industry that can benefit from a specialty approach.


Our experts review your entire account thoroughly to design a program that delivers the best outcomes and ensures your exposures for USL&H are managed and controlled.

Mergers and Acquisitions

3CU’s expert underwriting team can help design a product to cover your workers’ compensation interests for upcoming mergers and acquisitions.