Managing Injuries and Productivity Losses

When injuries do happen, you want to help your employees return to health and to work quickly. You also want to make sure that claims are managed aggressively to keep costs low.

3CU understands the impact to your company including:

  • Lost productivity from the injured employee
  • Staff pulling double duty due to an injury loss
  • The need to treat your employee with expert care
  • The desire to return your employee to full duty quickly to fill the gap created
  • Suspected fraudulent claims and the corresponding financial impact

3CU support includes:

  • Claims adjusters with low claim volumes and shop owner’s mentality
  • Cutting-edge claim analytics
  • Return-to-work strategies and systems
  • Reserving for expected outcomes, not worst-case
  • Strong anti-fraud processes and strategies
  • Integrated preferred physician support
  • Prompt reporting solutions and training

With 3CU’s comprehensive claims management, you’ll benefit with improved outcomes for your injured workers, reduced claim durations and better control of claim costs.