Meeting Your Challenges

Third Coast Underwriters (3CU) places our customers and your business needs first within all aspects of our operations. We identify what is important to you and build our strategies based on three critical business factors – reducing accidents, lowering direct costs and increasing productivity and profits.

3CU is committed to partnering with you, driving successful outcomes and meeting your business needs. 3CU customers said this about our services in a recent survey:

  • 93% rank 3CU’s information tools (such as RMIS 411), loss control and claims resources as tops in the industry.
  • 89% agree that 3CU delivers on our promise to be an effective risk management partner.
  • 95% agree that 3CU’s claims staff effectively delivers high-quality outcomes for their injured workers and their business.
  • Four out of five customers agree that 3CU materially improved their safety controls.